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No one here is going to change anyones mind. You believe what you believe and vice versa. Yes there is a larger picture to this, and that is the fact that I am not allowed to stand at my husbands side if he were to lay dying in the hospital. Im not recognized as his partner. If he were to die his family could take him from me and I would have no say in what he wants. The world does not recognize that I have spent every waking morning with him, fought with him, fought for him, loved him for who he is, tried to make him a better person, accepted his flaws day in and day out, shared his hopes, his dreams, his plans, and he has shared mine. Its ok for heterosexuals to be married for 55hrs and divorce, to have multiple sister wives, to divorce and remarry all because they do it under Gods name? I am constantly told that “Gays” are pushing their agenda, to indoctrinate the youth of the world. When all I see is religious fanatics telling me to abide by their bible code and force me to pray in school. That is pushing your religious beliefs into my life. I was under the impression that we were all free to believe in whatever we wanted to.
I’m sorry that you are scared to be who you are, but I am not. I am proud to stand up and be proud of who I am. I have found my peace with my beliefs. Though they are not the same beliefs as yours. They are mirrored from the same moral code. An inborn moral code that tells me what is right and what is wrong. And for someone to say that I am a disgrace, that I invoke the wrath of God, that God hates me, that I am a sub human… Well good sir, that is wrong.
How dare anyone speak for God!
“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”
These are words of direction from Jesus, which I embrace and employ within my attitude, my actions and my reactions to the attitude, actions and reactions of my fellow man.
I do my best to employ this direction in every aspect of life including personal, professional and political matters, remembering and respecting that God has given man free will. God has also commanded me to obey the laws of the land, and Jesus has told me that I am not to judge my brother, but I am to love my brother as I love myself, doing onto others what I would have them do to me.
I respect my fellow man for the lifestyle choices they have made to live a heterosexual god fearing life. And I expect the same.

September 07, 2012

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