Our Virginia Win Is Extra Bad For Homophobes

scalia425x320We all knew Virginia is for lovers, but did you know its love is so manifest that it is overflowing state lines and spilling into neighboring jurisdictions?

That’s because the ruling last week in VA that marriage bans are unconstitutional isn’t limited to just one state. Three of Virginia’s neighbors had marriage litigation that was just sort of sitting there, waiting for a ruling from the fourth circuit. And now we have one, and it’s awesome!

That means that we can probably expect to see big big wins in North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia pretty soon. Maybe even this week. Maybe it’s already happened by the time you’re reading this! Or maybe we’ll get a surprising loss instead — but considering that we’ve had a winning streak of thirty-something federal rulings in the last year, a loss seems pretty unlikely.

Obviously, none of this will be settled until the Supreme Court rules. The defendants in VA have 90 days to petition the court for a hearing, and then it’s anyone’s guess if the case will be heard. Get ready for several more months of suspense, culminating in 90 days — in other words, oddly enough, right around Halloween. Timely costume suggestions: Ruth Bader Ginsburg; John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, blind Justice with exposed breast; Antonin Scalia with exposed breast.