Our Wedding Guide: Queers Invade the Chapel, Part II

The New York State Assembly passed an historic same-sex marriage amendment last month (right before Pride weekend, no less!), paving the way for gays and lesbians to legally wed as early as this Sunday, July 24. Whether you’re going to race down to City Hall or sashay through Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (kidding!), we’ve got you covered with a multi-part guide to LGBT weddings in the Big Apple. Now you just have to pop the question!

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Stag and hen nights pose some unique challenges for gay and lesbian couples, since they’re usually divided by gender and we’re more likely to share the same circle of friends than a straight twosome. Do you make your pals shell out for two wild nights or double-up and have a joint affair? (Which, honestly, kind of sounds like smushing together Christmas and your birthday.) However you do it, a bachelor/bachelorette bash is your last official night to be carefree and single, so make the most of it! We’ve got some great suggestions for that last hurrah—or just another chance to paint the town lavender.


Come back tomorrow for brilliant ideas on where to have your rehearsal dinner!