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Ousted Belmont University Soccer Coach Lisa Howe: I’m Good At My Job, And I’m A Good Christian Too

I cannot adequately express my thanks to the many, many students, faculty members, parents and friends who have shown and expressed their support… I believe I am a good, moral person, who cares for others. Those and other basic Christian tenets are important to me, to how I live my life, including as a coach, and to what I want to teach my child as he or she grows up. I have never intentionally detracted from the goodness or holiness inherent in any person or institution, and I do my best not to judge people based on personal characteristics such as race, gender, religion, ability, or sexual orientation or gender identity…. I am a dedicated, respected, and successful soccer coach. I was a good student athlete recruiter, had an organized and professionally run program, and was one of Belmont’s best employees. None of that changed when I acknowledged that I am a lesbian and that my partner and I are expecting a baby. I am proud of who I am and my family and our future, and I want every person – no matter what race, religion, nationality or sexuality they represent – to feel the same way. Yes, I would have preferred not to be in the headlines, but if my situation leads to one person beginning to feel acceptance now, or one more person becoming more understanding of diversity, and if people can begin to talk openly and honestly about topics they never broached before, then this unfortunate situation will have served a positive purpose.

—Lisa Howe, the lesbian (and, with her partner, expecting) Belmont University soccer coach pushed out of her job for telling her players about how she’s about to become a mommy, breaks her silence. Looks like the Belmont community has her back. [via]

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  • EdWoody

    I know this complaint like so many others will fall on deaf ears, and that the definition of madness is trying the same thing and expecting different results. But you really have to change the layout for these kind of quotes. They are impossible to read.

  • Billysees

    When are folks from the christian community going to associate gay and lesbian issues with the new testament idea that says “all things are lawful”? It’s a great fit.

    What about, “happy is the boy or girl or man or woman who do not condemn themselves for the things that they allow(or things that they consider important to themselves)”? Another great fit.

    Why not consider gay and lesbian issues as an illustration of the old testament idea that says “man’s ways are of the Lord, how can we understand our own ways”.

    Christian fundamentalism needs to hit the refresh button.

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