Out 100 Party Like Last Night on the Titanic

With the media world collapsing under the weight of the oncoming financial apocalypse, Out held it’s annual bash to celebrate all the most important gays in the village despite the fact that we’re all going to be living in a Mad Max meets Caligula hellscape by this time next year.

“You couldn’t help but feel that Out–which was sold earlier this year for pennies to the owners of the hereTV! network–might be throwing its last big party that every gay boy from Chelsea to Bushwick tries to get on the list for” declares The Observer in a piece that has everything but the iceberg.

There’s Out publisher Joe Landry insisting that everything is fine, just fine and that gays are “still” spending money. And look! Our very own fearless leader, David Hauslaib warns “We haven’t hit the tail end of this”.  There’s also a great bit where a bunch of anonymous partygoers are chuckling that there’s no way they’re going to be getting up the following morning for a scheduled Prop 8. protest rally at City Hall. Why fight for your rights when there’s Absolut cocktails to be had?

It seems there weren’t even that many celebrities– and it sounds like The Observer spent most the night in the bathroom looking for James Franco, which is a new code phrase we should all jump on.

The upshot is that Out gave away a survival bag for the end days, which includes everything a gay media homo will need to survive in the harsh wilderness ahead:

“DVDs of Samantha Who?, a Pink CD, a Patti LaBelle CD, a Lady GaGa CD, a tote bag, a coffee mug, cologne, an AIDS awareness T-shirt, a pair of 2(x)ist briefs (large!!), toothpaste, KY-jelly and condoms.”