Out 100 Party Like Last Night on the Titanic

With the media world collapsing under the weight of the oncoming financial apocalypse, Out held it’s annual bash to celebrate all the most important gays in the village despite the fact that we’re all going to be living in a Mad Max meets Caligula hellscape by this time next year.

“You couldn’t help but feel that Out–which was sold earlier this year for pennies to the owners of the hereTV! network–might be throwing its last big party that every gay boy from Chelsea to Bushwick tries to get on the list for” declares The Observer in a piece that has everything but the iceberg.

There’s Out publisher Joe Landry insisting that everything is fine, just fine and that gays are “still” spending money. And look! Our very own fearless leader, David Hauslaib warns “We haven’t hit the tail end of this”.  There’s also a great bit where a bunch of anonymous partygoers are chuckling that there’s no way they’re going to be getting up the following morning for a scheduled Prop 8. protest rally at City Hall. Why fight for your rights when there’s Absolut cocktails to be had?

It seems there weren’t even that many celebrities– and it sounds like The Observer spent most the night in the bathroom looking for James Franco, which is a new code phrase we should all jump on.

The upshot is that Out gave away a survival bag for the end days, which includes everything a gay media homo will need to survive in the harsh wilderness ahead:

“DVDs of Samantha Who?, a Pink CD, a Patti LaBelle CD, a Lady GaGa CD, a tote bag, a coffee mug, cologne, an AIDS awareness T-shirt, a pair of 2(x)ist briefs (large!!), toothpaste, KY-jelly and condoms.”

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  • Alexa

    Well, what do you expect from the magazine who puts straight prick tease Katy Perry on its cover instead of an actual gay or bi woman?

  • Joe Moag

    I’d like to have seen the earth open up and swollow the whole lot of ’em…a more pretentious, self-important, effete group of people cannot be found.

    And I used to wonder why I don’t read Out, don’t watch E! and don’t know who the fuck Kate Perry is…

  • Tin Tin

    I went to this party. It was the most god awful display of tackiness and crass I’ve ever witnessed. Not to be holier than thou, but it was fairly repulsive.

    The sound was bad. The food was practically non existent and the drinks were just flavored vodka.

    Last year’s event was MUCH better.
    I was surprised at how crappy this one was, not to mention the cluster fuck that was the door policy.


    I think the two people in the picture kinda sum up the party perfectly actually.

  • ggreen

    H Christ get a load of the fashion disasters in the photo on this post. Outs fashion director has been someone who is severely visually impaired for years. Dressing 35 y/o gay men like 15 y/o girls doesn’t work. The magazine is supported by 50 year old tweens (between 50 and death) subscribers from Omaha and Cleveland (Americas Fashion Capitals).

  • fredo777


    Suede is so happy that Suede could make it to tonight’s event, even though Suede considered not showing up because Suede didn’t know if Suede had anything appropriate to wear.


    He’s a little nutty, but I dug him on the show.

  • me

    @Joe Moag: It’s clear that you do none of those things because you’re pretentious.

  • Tim

    How ironic that I was listening to Lady GaGa while reading this.

  • Ta-Ta

    I was at the party. Fun times. Great linup on stage. Unfortunately awful acoustics.

    The downtown style sensibility of the guys in this Queerty photo DOES NOT represent the party at all. Most guys were in proper suit jackets and ties. Very business chic, albeit homogenous.

    And why all the hate for Out? It is what it is and does it well. Editor Aaron has done a fantastic job.

    Why must we always eat our own? So many carbs!

  • butterpantz

    @ Ta-Ta
    Aaron has done a fantastic job.

    Wow, if fantastic job you mean ‘finally able to shut down this rag once and for all’ then you are about a few months from being right. The Katey Perry fuckery is just the cherry on the top.

    @ Tim

    I think you mean tragic not ironic.

    Regarding fashion….I still think everyone looked like a Jonas Brother wannabe that night.

  • Alex

    Hilarious article…I get Out for free and still
    don’t read it . The party is all about posers, just like the magazine.

  • Aaron

    It’s a shame (but predictable) that The New York Observer would round up a few drunk gay men who were too lazy or ignorant to attend the rally on Saturday. I don’t think that reflected the general attitude of the evening, as the cheers for Bishop Gene Robinson, a major advocate for our right to marry, attested. Butterpantz, your impotent snarkiness doesn’t become you, or anyone for that matter. Alex, please supply your address, and we’ll be glad to take you off the list. In fact, we insist on it. Please. There are trees to think of.

  • Jake

    Is suede dating Lonni from Whore’s Mascara??? Wtf!

  • Nate

    I love Whore’s Mascara.What the hell is he doing with that disaster?

  • Eric J

    Lonni! You can do better!!! Say it isn’t so…

  • Mummified Chris

    They’re not dating. They’re just friends. Suede is styling Whore’s Mascara.

  • Nick Beck

    Suede and Whore’s Mascara makes sense together. Good trashy insane fun.

  • DaVinci

    @Joe Moag: well done on flaunting your ignorance. Ps is calling an Out party “effete” really an insult?

  • David

    @ggreen: it probably won’t stop you being such an asshole, but to at least limit how stupid you seem in public, you should know that magazines’ fashion directors don’t dress every guest to come to a party. Oh, and “Outs” has an apostrophe. Between the “t” and the “s”.

  • Chris

    Wow, Queerty (Japhy Grant) has nothing nice to say about Out…Shocking. Perhaps, Japhy should learn social grace and stop trying to kick a company that is actually trying to make a difference in our community.

    If you don’t like Out magazine, then don’t attend the events and stop taking the giftbags.

  • Alexa

    And what kind of a difference is putting Katy Perry on the cover and naming her musician of the year making? What kind of a message does that send to the female half of our community? What exactly is Katy Perry OUT as?

  • Chris

    @Alexa: Alexa: Remember, the Out 100 also honors straight allies. Do you know much about Katy Perry, or do you just not like her out of willful ignorance?

    Difference? How about giving a lot of money to fight prop 8, standing up for our rights time and time again…

  • James

    Didn’t Japhy Grant work for The Advocate or Out? Is he just bitter cuz he did an awful job?

  • Joe Moag

    @me: Yeah, that’s really clear.

  • Joe Moag

    @DaVinci: Try looking up effete. It means lacking vigor. That’s an insult, you effete pinhead.

  • Ben




  • Murphy Ryan

    @Mummified Chris: Yeah, and Lonni has lipstick all over his face because he was making out with a tranny earlier in the night. No joke.

  • homosexualist

    @Chris: Amen! Japhy’s a bitter waste of space.

  • go to girl

    OUT is outdated and irrelevant. Take a look who they chose as their 100 this year. close to half have been on the list 2 or 3 times before. is it really that difficult to find out people who have done great things for our community? Wilson Cruz? what has he done other than take any job that is offered to him? Stephen Spinella being in the 100 15 years ago due to ANGELS IN AMERICA makes sense, but what has he done now to deserve the honor? Jesse Archer who writes (poorly I might add) for OUT is on the list. out of 100 OUT people only a handful were lesbians? there are plenty of great lesbians out there if they would bother looking instead of pulling the same names from the same pool year after year. OUT will be out of business in a couple of years. sad.

  • Tin Tin

    @Ben: \


    I wish Queerty readers knew what BUTT was! Their parties are 10000 better than this hohum of a shit show

  • Alexa

    I know more than I want to about Katy Perry thanks very much, I’m unfortunately not at all ignorant about her, wilfully or otherwise. And I have no problem with them honoring straight allies – we NEED straight allies – I’m just not sure she really is one. If her parents were liberal atheists rather than extreme right wing Christians she’d probably have been performing at the RNC, ministering to ex-gays and singing the praises of Sarah Palin.

    Maybe that’s unfair and cynical, but even if she is genuinely gay friendly and supportive, she doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the cover of the issue or honored as musician of the year. Put her in the issue, no problem, but they couldn’t come up with one actual non-straight woman to put on the cover? Or an actual gay and out musician to honor?

  • butterpantz

    @Aaron. Butterpantz, your impotent snarkiness doesn’t become you, or anyone for that matter.

    We’ll see how impotent the snarkiness is when Out folds in 3…2…1. I actually think it DOES become me.

  • homosexualist

    @Tin Tin: perhaps you should decline to attend next year

  • homosexualist

    @Rob: Bullshit. There are people of color ALL OVER OUT 100–TWENTY in the Out 100, and another seven in the magazine besides that. Naturally, unless you actually read it, you’d have no leg to stand on complaining about it.

  • homosexualist

    @go to girl: bullshit. only a few have been

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