Out 100 Takes Manhattan: The Video

It’s been over 48 hours since Out Magazine‘s annual Out 100 awards: the standard length of time needed to digest all the homo happenings. We must say, we haven’t seen that many gay luminaries since…well, since last year’s Out 100.

We must admit, it’s all a bit of a blur. Good thing we brought along our crafty camera man, Ted, who chronicled all of editor Andrew Belonsky’s misadventures. While some people were more than happy to talk to us, others were a little reluctant (that’s an understatement). And, as you’ll see, most people didn’t even know who the fuck we were. Nice, huh?

Watch as Anne Hathaway says she could bench-press our fearless editor, designer Michael Kors brags about knowing everyone, Out EIC Aaron Hicklin lets us in on the secrets behind the selection process, Noah’s Arc‘s Wilson Cruz gripes about not being admitted into the VIP area, Kelis hypothesizes on why the homos love her and Michael Lucas gives us shit for all the nasty comments (and, it seems, attempts to win Belonsky’s ice cold heart).

We also managed a few words with Claire Danes. She really wasn’t in the mood to be interviewed, but Cruz and Hathaway totally used peer pressure to make our dreams come true. Thanks, homies.

Oh, yeah, and we totally chickened out on flirting with Choire Sicha. We were so close, but he looked really busy (read: intimidating).