Out Actors Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi Starring In Gay Sitcom “Vicious Old Queens”

Britain’s ITV has ordered a new sitcom starring out actors Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen as an elderly gay couple.

Vicious Old Queens will feature the legendary actors as a catty couple living in the posh London neighborhood of Covent Garden. Six 30-minute episodes are being produced by Gary Janetti, a former writer and executive producer for Family Guy and Will and Grace. “No one can quite believe ITV have managed to get Sir Ian on board,” a source told The Star on Sunday. “Brit stars don’t get much bigger than him. It’s a great coup  to get these two.”

This week, McKellen, 73, told students at a London school that hiding his sexuality when he was younger actually made him a better actor: “I think that’s why so many great British actors are gay—we spent so long pretending to be straight, to be someone else, that eventually we became very good at it.”