Role Models

Out Broadway Performer Antuan Raimone Is Making A Difference In The Lives Of Students At His High School

antuan-raimoneLive Out Loud’s Homecoming Project sends happy and successful LGBT adults back to their hometown high schools to share their knowledge, experience, and life lessons with the current student body. Performer Antuan Raimone, who recently performed in Broadway’s In the Heights, headed home to Blue Springs, Missouri for his own installment of the Homecoming Project. Live Out Loud invites the world to “take a deep breath” with Raimone in an inspiring and uplifting video where he returns to his roots at Blue Spring South, the high school where his dance and theater training began. Raimone hadn’t been back at his alma mater since 1999 and says was struck by the openness of the students. Like many young gay men, he has faced a tremendous amount of adversity regarding his sexuality. Raimone addressed his fears and has grown beyond them to become stronger as someone who is proud of his sexuality.

Participants in the Homecoming Project serve as a positive example for LGBT youth by empowering young adults to reconsider the challenges and unspoken fears of growing up LGBT. They’re able to replace old memories of high school with positive experiences while helping to strengthen gay-straight alliances across the country. Live Out Loud has brought over 500 LGBT role models, like Antuan Raimone, to area high schools and universities to serve on panels and interact with GSA organizations and the student body at large.