Host with the most

Out Gay Actor In Movie Thriller Headlining Shocker!

Although his character’s name didn’t appear in the show’s title, David Hyde Pierce was always the real star of Frasier and it never seemed right that while the cast of Friends were given endless movie starring vehicles he was mostly relegated to voice-over work outside the long-running sitcom.

This is a real shame because, his brilliant comic timing and physicality aside, he’s also a very good character actor. Finally he gets star billing in weekend opener The Perfect Host, a twisty-turny psychological thriller where nothing is what it seems.

Hyde Pierce plays an uptight host whose perfect Hollywood Hills dinner party is threatened by a bank-robber-on-the-run, played by Clayne Crawford, who cons his way into the home of Pierce’s character, Warwick Wilson. After Warwick spots his uninvited guest on a TV news report he becomes a hostage in his own home, but nothing is going to get in the way of his perfectly planned evening…

The Perfect Host is also notable for having an openly gay actor headlining a punchy thriller instead of just playing GBFF or messing around with smurfs – outside of Jodie Foster, who’s cornered the market in looking worried, when was the last time that happened?