Italian Coach Lippi

Out gay soccer players would ‘be exploited so much that it would end up negatively’

SOUNDBITES — “We’re not talking about a cultural question, but of a mechanism of interests for whom a relation of this type would enter into conflict. Even if from a cultural perspective people would approve and be able to understand and accept such a situation, it would nevertheless be exploited so much that it would end up negatively.” —Italy’s national soccer team coach Marcello Lippi, saying he’d refuse to let an out gay player on his team. Naturally, the comments aren’t sitting will with some.

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  • Cam

    People can always try to twist logic to support their bigoted crazy view of the world.

  • Fitz

    Talk about taking a story out of context to fit your weird desire for unrest: the man said he didn’t want to hire a gay COUPLE… and his language clearly showed that he was talking about the dangers of COUPLE dynamics.. not fear or hatred of gays. LOTS of places frown upon in-office lovin’.

  • M Shane

    I couldn’t acess the article: clearly neither Europeans inc. the U.K are far more advanced than can even be expressed than we are in acceptance of gay people. I played soccar in college and had no problems, can’t see where their would be, except that with couples Fitz might be right; or the Catholic element might be there-it’s Italy where the pope lives.

  • spindoc

    @Fitz: I couldn’t access the article so had to go with what was written here, thanks for the update!

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