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Out Gay Teens Who are Happy? … Peter Tatchell’s Teen Sex Push …

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• Writer gay Benoit Denizet-Lewis tracks gay youth all across the country (but, particularly, the Midwest) who are coming out … in middle school. And some of them are even happy, healthy individuals with the support of their families and friends. IMAGINE.

• Two prominent bars in Sydney, The Flinders Hotel and the upstairs club at The Midnight Shift, will close next month.

• There will be hot gay men and lesbians in the Sex and the City sequel.

• More horror hazing stories from Joseph Christopher Rocha’s stay in Bahrain — from other Navy soldiers.

• The British gays, or at least those belonging to the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, won’t be so welcoming when Pope Benedict comes to town next year.


• British activist Peter Tatchell wants kids, gay and straight, to be able to screw at a younger age without the threat of prosecution.

• Just how forceful will the European Commission be in slamming Serbia over its gay rights record, and the cancellation of this year’s parade?

• Patrick Swayze didn’t merely have to deal with pancreatic cancer, but gay taunts!

• Volunteer to help Maine’s No On 1 effort by joining the virtual phone bank.

What to consider when considering adoption.

• What happens when gospel singer Tonex comes out?

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  • PopSnap

    Proud to report that I’M one of those out & happy teens, with loving friends, a lukewarm (but never rejecting or mean) family, and a 3.0 GPA in marching band, soccer and a few other clubs.

    Thats why I dont take old fundies seriously. they grew up in an era where us GLBT people were likened to pedophiles and rapists. People under the age of 30 grew up in a world where GLBT people are tolerated and in some areas even accepted & encouraged. Let ’em rage with their propositions and prudish decrees, because when they’re dead and the socially liberal Baby Boomers take over we’ll see a new kind of America emerge out of the trail of religious hypocrisy they left behind.

  • ksu499

    Queerty, if you’re in the Navy, you’re a sailor, not a soldier.

  • alan brickman

    Poor Patrick..obviously the jealous queens on here….

  • HiredGoons

    I am so happy for those kids.

  • terrwill

    @PopSnap:Hey Popper: You are golden! Proud of you and your screwthehaters stand……Its great that the new wave of gay kids is so grounded and not afraid of the poo that spews out of the rightwing nutbags vile mouths………..And you hit the nail right on the rightwing scum’s head..they are all on their way to hell, once they have left this earth it will certainly be a much better place and with you and your out and proud peers we won’t have to see the likes of a Rev. Fred (my grandson is a huge closet fag) Phelps again………..

  • QueertyTeen

    I’m also one of those out, happy teens. I’ve come out to every person in my life and I’ve never encountered the slightest bit of negativitity. My mother was actually the one who told me she knew I was gay–in the Sonics drive-thru– and was okay with it.

    I live in a conservative, red state and have never come across any sort of blatant ridicule from my classmates. This is a new generation and we’re completely different.. I’d like to see more articles about gay youth on this site as well!

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