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Out Gay Teens Who are Happy? … Peter Tatchell’s Teen Sex Push …

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• Writer gay Benoit Denizet-Lewis tracks gay youth all across the country (but, particularly, the Midwest) who are coming out … in middle school. And some of them are even happy, healthy individuals with the support of their families and friends. IMAGINE.

• Two prominent bars in Sydney, The Flinders Hotel and the upstairs club at The Midnight Shift, will close next month.

• There will be hot gay men and lesbians in the Sex and the City sequel.

• More horror hazing stories from Joseph Christopher Rocha’s stay in Bahrain — from other Navy soldiers.

• The British gays, or at least those belonging to the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, won’t be so welcoming when Pope Benedict comes to town next year.


• British activist Peter Tatchell wants kids, gay and straight, to be able to screw at a younger age without the threat of prosecution.

• Just how forceful will the European Commission be in slamming Serbia over its gay rights record, and the cancellation of this year’s parade?

• Patrick Swayze didn’t merely have to deal with pancreatic cancer, but gay taunts!

• Volunteer to help Maine’s No On 1 effort by joining the virtual phone bank.

What to consider when considering adoption.

• What happens when gospel singer Tonex comes out?