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Out Gays Entrusted to Outfit U.S. Soldiers, But Not Serve Alongside Them

No, we don’t have to make everything military-related all about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, especially reality television, but Lifetime’s new makeovers-via-road-trip show One The Road With Austin & Santino stopped by Shreveport, Louisiana, to help Army Cap. Rosaline Johnson with the perfect dress for her Louisiana Tech University graduation party. And while it’s great to see these Project Runway alums make Rosaline feel beautiful, it’s a small reminder that we’re free to go on television and prance around with men and women in uniform, so long as we never try to put one on.

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  • Jesus, this is stupid

    I had a delicious lunch today. I couldn’t fully enjoy it, though, because it served to remind me that while I am good enough in the eyes of the law to be served a delicious lunch, I’m just not good enough to serve in the military.

    Good lord.

  • Brandon

    LA Tech isn’t in Shreveport… It’s in Ruston, between Shreveport and Monroe.

  • Joseph

    I think the millitary believe that if they let gays in they will get people like these towo.

  • Sceth

    “I do have to say, ‘I was the best-dressed trainee on the field.'”

  • Michael

    It’s also a reminder that if Austin and Santino had any strong feelings about the issue of DADT, they were free not to get paid to make the show.

  • PugsBuddy

    Wow! Austin and Santino both look great.

  • alan brickman

    two more self-promoting queeny gays who don’t care what this means to their brethen…again…

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