Out Leaks “100”

The year’s drawing to a close, which means it’s time for gay glossy Out to celebrate 100 homo movers-and-shakers who made 2008 so damn great!

The journos over there are slowly leaking some of their honorees, including Rachel Maddow, who tops the list. And with good reason – Maddow’s catapulted to fame as a pundit over at MSNBC, which in turn gave her a prime time slot. Well done, Maddow.

Activist Evan Wolfson and NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro also made the cut, as did film makers Jarvez Sharma and Tom Kalin. You can see a few more of the honorees over at the mag’s website.

Also, the Out team just sent out a press release informing us – and thereby the world – that comedienne Chelsea Handler will be hosting their annual Out 100 gala at Gotham Hall.

[Maddow shot by Roger Erickson, others by Greg Lotus]