Out Magazine Has Jamie Dornan Right Where You Want Him

A friend just sent us the first public shots from Out Magazine‘s photo shoot with Jamie Dornan, the phenomenally beautiful Calvin Klein model who plays Kirsten Dunst’s lover in Marie Antionette. Looking pretty fly there, Mr. Dornan…

As if drooling over Dornan isn’t reason enough, the ever-improving fag rag turns its homo-gaze toward Bond (James Bond, that is) with a Mark Simpson feature on Bond’s metrosexuality and a spy themed fashion editorial (we’d share those pics with you, but they’re top secret – and already on the website) for the release of Casino Royale.

Also in this issue – which should hit stands by the end of the week – the Out boys unveil a new look. EIC Aaron Hicklin uses his editorial letter as explanation:

“If you don’t grow and change, you die,” explained long time James Bond producer Barbara Brocolli earlier this year, after dumping Pierce Brosnan in favor of Daniel Craig, a guy who actually has more than one facial expression. Brocolli’s axiom may be particularly relevant to Bond, who–post Austin Powers–is becoming a parody of a parody of a parody, but it also applies to magazines. As you will have noticed, we’ve been doing some growing and changing of our own of late, introducing new writers and photographers, and expanding the fashion coverage, culminating in the redesign you see here. We think it’s a handsome new look that better reflects the tone and style of the content, and think that you will, too.

We could wax philosophical on the mag’s new direction and all that, but we’d rather try to imagine Dornan naked. You can, too. Where? After the jump, you crazy kids!

(Loyal readers may notice we’ve changed some text here – we apologize if we got you all excited by mentioning a Daniel Craig shoot and Kirsten Dunst’s involvement in the issue. Our brains are all mush thanks to the Dornan shots. Not surprisingly, other parts of our anatomy aren’t so soft…)