Out Now: Apes, Fright Night, A Prop 8 Rom-Com And More!

Fright Night
($49.99 Blu-Ray 3 Disc Combo, $39.99 2 Disc, Buena Vista Home Entertainment)

Colin Farrell plays the sexy, seductive (and really evil) vampire who moves next door to teenager Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) in this entertaining remake of the ’80s horror-comedy classic. Christopher Mintz-Platz plays Yelchin’s nerdy pal Evil Ed, famously portrayed by gay-porn-star-to-be Stephen Geoffreys in the original. Its not as oozing with gay appeal as the original but  there’s still a tasty bite of homoeroticism. Bonus: Former Dr. Who David Tennant camps it up as Las Vegas magician Peter Vincent in the mockumentary, “Swim Inside My Mind.”