Out Now: New Music From Britney, Gaga, Imperial Teen And More!

It was a holly, jolly Christmas for fans of Lady Gaga. The mega-star announced last week that she would be dropping the previously unreleased “Stuck on Fuckin’ You” on Christmas Day.

And, of course, Mother Monster made like Santa and delivered the goods. “Stuck on Fuckin’ You” premiered this weekend, and Gaga had something to say about the track on her official YouTube channel:

Just to give you a little background to the creation of this song: I wrote it on the tour bus in Minnesota after The Monster Ball. We recorded it in one shot—Fernando on guitar, Paul on drum machine. I wrote [it and] sang it and freestyled the last minute-and-a-half of the song.”

The song has the same kind of bluesy vibe as the Country Road version of “Born This Way” and the rough-hewn quality of “Teeth.”

I approve.

NEXT: What’s the story on the “strange” new track from Britney?


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  • jason

    So Lady Caca is desperately trying to maintain a semblance of popularity, is she? Well, I’m not falling for it. Her most recent album was a dud, and deservedly so. Most songs were awfully generic.

    As for mime act Britney Spears (aka Shitney Rears), tell her to fuck off. Ever since Hit Me Baby One More Time, this vocal cheat has been ripping off her fans left, right and center with performances that are sub-par and which are either mimed or which use pre-recorded sound. She’s a fake, basically…just like many of her fans. Generation Fake admiring a fake.

  • Red Meat

    @jason: and Adele is a breath of fresh air right? Because all of her songs are composed so uniquely. Oh wait that’s Born This Way, because Adele is the same generic pop as Katy Perry, different image.

    DJ White Shadow > every other producer this year.

    Red One has sprung hit after hit.

    Try again.

  • Stephen

    Can’t believe the Britney and GaGa fans go wild over this garbage. These are obvious thron away, scrapped tracks released to generate interest form the tired fan base. And queerty calls it a “gift from god” lol. I wish I could retun these gifts.

  • Chris

    I can’t Believe they DIDNT add this pic of GAGA!!! Barely looks like her!

  • jason


    So true.

    Another thing that irritates me is the tendency of Gay Inc to refer to Britney, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc as “divas”. It’s a complete distortion of the word. A diva can sing live and doesn’t need backing tracks.

  • Link

    Adam Lambert has a new single out called “Better Than I Know Myself.”

  • redball


    honey speak for yourself because i’m the biggest gaga fan EVER and i dont care for this song of hers…nor britney’s.

    completely unmemorable tracks!

  • Paws Down

    From Rolling Stone:

    Best selling albums:
    #1 Adele (with very little promotion)
    #2 Michael Bublé (his album was in the market for two months only)
    #3 LOL – Loser Gag – with heavy promotion and an album sold for 0,99 cents. LOL

    Here’s what Rolling Stone said:

    “After (Michael Bublé at #2) was Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, which SEEMS like a blockbuster at 2.1 million but needed an Amazon MP3 discount of $0.99 to move several hundred thousand copies in its first week.”


    The more her horrid little monsters try to make her happen and shove her down our throats, the more we will react against this putric see-u-next-Tuesday talentless Madonna wannabe.

    Adele ruled 2011.


  • jason

    Madonna is as much an AutoTuned hack as is Britney.

  • Al

    Britney is an old has-been.

    Secondly, laughing @ the old Madonna qweens. This isn’t 1980, dears. She’s an old hag who’s beyond over. You honestly think a 54 year old is going to be on top again? BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Scott

    The one thing you have to give Lady Gaga, is that she works hard for her career. The other moronic pop tarts are corporate made. At least Gaga made it hip to be weird again. She also didn’t have the look of the vapid pop “stars” of the past decade. The 2000s were too conservative for my liking. Bjork said the same thing about Lady Gaga. Even if you don’t care for her music, at least she made the industry do a 180 style wise, and more open to the extreme again. The industry doesn’t care about so-called artistic statements, due to the $$$ factor. They’d rather play it safe with the American Idol atrocities, all doing Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston imitations. I’m sick of seeing girls looking like past her prime, Britney Spears: all virginal, but portraying the Lolita. Give me a break. Britney Spears really killed the industry.

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