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Out of Work? This Homophobic Charity Is Hiring!


This Christmas, you could be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, standing outside department stores and big box retailers earning in the range of $7.25 an hour. Or, as the State of Florida calls it, minimum wage. The NYT reports Sal’s is seeing a surge in bell ringer job apps, courtesy this blustery economy. Just be sure you are not a homosexual. Actually, that’s not right: The Salvation Army makes decisions “without regard to sexual orientation.” So, more accurately, just be sure you don’t have a problem working for an organization that doesn’t want you to get married.

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  • greybat

    I did that job, years and years ago. Although I dislike many things about the Salvation Army, please be nice the Bell-ringers! That is a very hard, uncomfortable job (in fact, I still have some inner-ear damage from that bell!).

  • terrwill

    They don’t deserve our spit in their buckets. The
    salvation army was one of the most vocal opponents of
    the Gay rights bill in NYC. They had no problem spending
    tons of cash thrown in those buckets supposdly to help
    the needy on a hatefest towards the Gays……….

  • JR

    These scum are NICE???!!!??? Is that why the Salvo dressed in black and carried coffins at Chicago Pride Parades for years and years…???!!!??? WTF!!!! That was an obscene gesture on a day that we as a community attempt to come together and forget the troubles that are flung at us like so much feces! They are offensive people! I will never give them a red cent and I will never acknowledge them. There are plenty of worthy charities that do actual good and not good based on conditionality of others backgrounds or orientations!


    These nut bags are as bad as they come.. as bad as, if not worse than The Family and are pure hate!

    Greybat!!! Go ahead and drink that kool aid, you fool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qjersey

    I love having to pass THREE reminders of how hated I am every day to and from work.

  • scott ny'er

    i don’t think people really know how the Salvation Army is not as benevolent as they seem. spread the word.

  • romeo

    Have to pass them at the doorway of my local Walgreens. They have a long history and a generally benign image to the general public, so they have the major media totally in their pockets. Yet another example of the benefits of a tax exemption used to beat us to death.

    Considering the rights and benefits denied to us compared to other citizens, we should get a proportional tax exemption. We should build our own “army” to provide the protection and security that we are denied. Let’s call it “The Army of Alexander” in tribute to the days when we kicked ass.

  • terrwill

    No. 6 · romeo: Can we have a division of our new army
    who’s mission it is to do a thorough closet check of any
    of the rightwing nutbag lunatics who spew their hatred our
    way and bring those skeletons out for all to see? If only
    we could do that to a half dozen or so of the Maggot (the
    cunt)Gallaghers, Rush (good chance a closet Gay) Windbag,
    Scat (wish he were Deadly)Lively’s in the world one would
    see a huge reduction in the hate tossed our way. Let ’em
    know if you begin tossin shit our way, we are gonna come
    back at ya with both barrels. And you better be living the
    “good christian life” you pretend to or the whole world
    is gonna know about it…………………

  • JR

    QJersey – You have to do what u have to do, man! But consider what they plan to do with that money and at least know them for what they are. Those perverts carrying around that casket on our day of celebration is stuck in my head forever!!! The Salvo is a hate machine that is evil to the core and dresses its front window in the guise of helping humanity when they are a really nasty coalition of hate mongers who are ‘in bed’ with every backwards-thinking human rights stripping organization and politico fascist regime that is hell-bent on enslaving every free thinking person they can get their grubby hands on!!! This isn’t Bing Crosby singing ‘Silver Bells’, bro… this is a war on peoples ability to live and survive and think for themselves and protect their constitutional rights! We should all take time to read The Constitution to realize what we have already given up as well as what we are bound to lose if these people keep playing their dirty back parlor games!!!

  • Keith Kimmel

    Better yet, shop at Target. They kicked the bastard bell ringers out.

  • *J_C*

    see and i always like helping out this the donations each and every time around x-mas that im at a store and a bell ringer is there i usually give from 2 to 3 bucks just because i honestly thought it went towards the needy children around the united sates plus i even do the angel tree thing; you know the gifts for the children, ugh first no more abc then GLAAD and now Salvation army ugh im running out of way of being good lol oh well

  • paul-e-wog

    If Salvation Army makes decisions “without regard to sexual orientation”then why did the group award benefits to domestic partners and then quickly rescind the offer? Why did they threaten to close soup kitchens in New York City when the city considered enacting legislation requiring groups doing business with New York City to provide health benefits to partners of gay staffers? Going all the way back to 1982 – why did the Salvation Army turn down a $1400 donation from a gay biker group?

    I despise this “charity” and their poorly run organization.

  • Nathan

    Seriously, the Salvation ARMY is a shrewd, dangerous organization, and they have plenty of funding. Just a few years ago, Joan Kroc, the McDonald’s heiress, donated 1.5 billion dollars to this hate group.

  • Corey

    Thanks, Keith (#9), for another reason to shop at Target.

  • scott ny'er

    so salvation army is out.

    what about Goodwill?

  • SoylentDIva

    Screw them.

  • Keith Kimmel

    Oh well, so much for shopping at Target.

  • romeo

    Target?!? WTF !!

    We’re gay ! We shop at Saks and Bergdorf’s

  • Curt

    Agree with Romeo. Bye, Target. Gayest Bergdorf’s always!

  • schlukitz

    I hate these son’s of bitches with a deep passion for literally stealing my deceased aunt’s estate right out from under my uncle and me.

    May they all go deaf from the clanging of their “merry” bells.

    I say, piss in their pots. That’s the only “contribution” they will ever receive from me.

  • HellIsWaiting


    Don’t like the Salvation Army? Do what I do… put a little note in their bucket, folded up like a dollar bill and smile at the bell ringer…


  • mb00

    @HellIsWaiting…what a clever thing to do. I will do just that next time I feel accosted by these people while leaving my local safeway.

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