OUT ON DVD: Ryan Gosling in Drive; Skinnyfat Goes Soft, And Candy Is A Beautiful Darling

($30.99 Blu-Ray, $26.99 DVD, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Yes, it’s as cool as you’ve heard. Drive stars hunky—shit, smoldering—Ryan Gosling as an unnamed driver who steers stunt cars in Hollywood films by day and getaway cars for the Mob by night. Of course a gig goes wrong, bringing down the wrath of violent-criminal types including Golden Globe nominee Albert Brooks as evil fuck Bernie Rose. Drive is an homage to 1980s Michael Mann films, complete with neon fuschia titles and Giorgio Moroder-inspired synthpop realness. It’s by turns atmospheric, suspenseful, gory and melancholy—and though it may be short on actual car chases, the few we get are fab. (One is shot entirely from inside the getaway car.)

DVD extras include a revealing featurette with director Nicolas Winding Ryfn, who shares that the film was partly conceived while he was on a drive with Gosling, high on flu medicine, and listening to REO Speedwagon. All we can say is: more, please!