OUT ON DVD: Truth Or Dare, Torchwood, Del Shores, And More!


It’s a week of retrospection and supernatural tales in home entertainment titles. Those of you enjoying (or not) Madge’s latest release can relive her trailblazing—and possibly gayest—tour with the Blu-ray release of Truth or Dare (not coincidentally, also the name of her new perfume). And Sordid Lives creator Del Shores treats us to his real-life, colorful Southern Gothic life in the one-man-show, My Sordid Life.

Meanwhile, immortal supernatural investigator Jack Harkness returns in Starz’s relaunch of Torchwood, Miracle Day (above). And good ol’ David DeCoteau is up to his same old shirtless-twink-in-peril tricks with a double-dose of 1313 DVDs, Bigfoot Island and UFO Invasion.

FIRST UP: Before MDNA, there was Truth or Dare


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  • mattsy

    it took 21 years to get Truth or Dare on dvd.

  • Jeff

    No comments yet on how Madonna is washed up and yada yada yada? Shocked.

  • MikeE

    @Jeff: don’t worry, the day is still young. bitterness tends to peak as the day advances.

  • MikeE

    ah, David DeCoteau… the modern-day Ed Wood.

    His films are so bad, it’s beyond the pale (and at times, one just might need a pail).

    The man appears to know about as little as is humanly possible about actual film-making.

    And his models…err, I mean actors, are so stiff (and not in a GOOD way) they are painful to watch, no matter how cute and twinky they are (if you’re into that kind of guy).

  • John


    Truth Or Dare’s been on DVD before in the early days of the format, it’s been out of print for a long time. Today it finally comes out on Blu-Ray and the DVD is finally reissued after about eight years.

    Feeling like a really nostalgic guy this week, I have TOD and The Bodyguard on Blu-Ray coming from Amazon, hard to believe the early 90s is 20 years back.

  • RomanHans

    Miracle Day is pretty great, but running time is something like 8 hours so it takes a major commitment.

  • AladinSane

    @RomanHans Are you high? I mean like balls out, slapping the sidewalk, and talking to the air high? Miracle Day was some of the worst shite produced in the history of broadcast television. I love Russell T Davies and most of his work. I kept hoping it would get better but amazingly, even though I thought it couldn’t, it kept getting progressively worse. Horrible miscasting, terrible writing, and with nothing resembling anything Torchwood other than two characters being pathetic shadows of themselves. And those are its good qualities!

    To everyone else: if someone recommends Miracle Day, do yourself a favor and put a bullet in their head. Seriously, you’d be doing them a favor…

  • Grace Alexander

    Should have used another pic. That’s a BBC photo and Ianto is DEAD. Miracle Day SUCKED – great idea, crappy execution.

  • Allen D.

    If there was SOMETHING different about the blu-ray, I would consider it. I heard there’s a movie trailer on there. That’s it. A commentary track would have definitely made this a ‘must have’.

  • ~PR~

    @RomanHans: I did not get to see the last two segments, but what I did see I enjoyed. It certainly was different from what I expected but not really in a bad way. Some things were annoying (the non-Torchwood people were always somehow messing up… something a green Gwen dis back when first joined) but overall, I liked it. Now that it’s out I’m glad I’ll get to finish it.

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