Out There

Someone over at Low Culture has way too much time on their hands. This made us laugh out loud and I can only wish I was 6’1”

NY loves NOLA

Charles Busch, John Cameron Mitchell, Keo Nozari, and Kevin Aviance are among the downtown celebrities performing at NYC Loves NOLA, a benefit for the American Red Cross taking place September 18th at Acme Bar & Grill. Cajun food, transsexuals, and helping people in need? We are so there.

Everyone knows Queerty was the big launch of the day, but Q Television Network also made a splash with Brunch, the first gay morning show, hosted by Queer Eye for the Straight Girl’s Honey Labrador and QTN Veteran Scott Withers. It debuts today.

Alison Moyet’s wonderful covers album Voice today receives a proper US release, you know, only a year after its European release date.

New Orleans resident, Fleshbot editor, and Queerty friend Jonno is doing alright. He did have to leave his home and all his clothes in New Orleans. Shoot us an email if you want to help with donations.

First day and we are already handing out blowjobs. Who is next?

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