Out There

We love JC Report and not just because our editor writes for them too. Although that helps. Published by Flavorpill, the site spots fashion trends a lot faster than any print magazine. Check out the new design that launched today and sign up for their email blast.

Our favorite drag queen cabaret act Antony and the Johnsons won Britain’s most coveted music award the Mercury Prize. If only all trannies were this talented.

Panton Chair

Men’s Vogue launched yesterday, but hell, we haven’t even gotten through women’s Vogue yet. So you will have to wait for our coverage.

The AXA Gallery at the Equitable Tower runs a Vernor Panton exhibit through October 1st. The show is curated by the Vitra Design Museum and features the designer’s iconic 60s fabrics, furniture, and light fixtures.

Just in time to escape her prison sentence, Lil’ Kim has disguised herself as a white woman.

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