Out There

gay turkey• Turkey to host event for International Day Against Homophobia. May 21, Ankara. We want to go. [TDN]

• City of Fargo assigns a police officer to be the liason to the LGBT community. The bigger story, of course, is that in Fargo this is considered “news.” Someone please go to Fargo and make something happen. [In Forum]

• Gay crack-addict hustler ties up and kills 78-year-old john, after watching bondage videos: “I don’t know why I did it.” Um, maybe because you were on crack? Just a guess. [365gay] [Toronto Sun]

• Five soldiers beat a man, David Bennett, outside a Savannah gay club. [WTOC]

• City of San Francisco blocks historic battleship out of city ports, to protest military’s ban on gays. And who says gays over-react? [USA Today]