Out There: Absolut Freaks

• Music and politics have always gone hand in hand. Unless you count dance music. Seas of sweaty, waisted people don’t want to be enlightened. Chemically enlightened doesn’t count. Thanks Jordy.


• What do you get when you ask a bunch of Japanese club creatures to interpret the Absolut brand? Some fucked up shit that only Gwen Stefani could love.

• It is a gay day in the music biz. Andy Bell and Melissa Etheridge have released albums.

• At Stanford, no prospective job applicants showed up for interviews with the Navy. Just a bunch of angry queens!

• Don’t forget we are giving away porn! Send us your dirty pictures. It is not like you haven’t done it before.

The Wiz actor Nipsey Russell has died. He was in The Wiz, was named Nipsey, and never married. You do the math.

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