Out There: America’s Next Top Thief


Tyra booted our gal-pal and proud lesbian Kim from America’s Next Top Model on Thanksgiving Eve. Bre, the horse-voiced thief of the show stayed on and with that decision we lost all respect for our once beloved show. Actually, we lost it when boring-ass Twiggy took Janice’s job.

Madonna wants to direct films. Ooooh. That’s a good idea. Not.

• Our favorite not safe for work e-zine Homovizion is back and is all decked out for the holidays. Pa rum pum pum pum.

Leanrdo Becker is our imaginary boyfriend. Need proof as to why? Go here.

• We know a lot of queens out there are into knitting and sewing. A reader of ours recently discovered a series of dirty cross-stitch patterns in Vienna, Germany. The series is titled “How to Calm the Oversexed Male” and contain images from vintage gay porn. It is the perfect gift for that queen as equally obsessed with Martha Stewart as he is with porn. Thanks Martin.