Out There: America’s Next Top Transexual

The Trannie

•We know all there is to know about the crying game. So we would flip out if this season’s America’s Next Top Model has a transexual in the running.

•Our reader Michael tells us “you are remiss in your queer round-up at the 92nd Street Y to not mention an appearance by Alan Hollinghurst, queer author extraordinaire and Booker prize winner for last year’s The Line of Beauty, not to mention some of the hottest man on man fuck scenes ever committed to print in The Swimming Pool Library.” Note to interns: Get that book stat. Hollinghurst is slated for October 23rd.

•The perfect party companion is not the boy you met last week online nor is it your new a bottle of Tattinger. What we all should bring with us to friend’s homes this Holiday season is Just A Drop. Because matches really don’t work.

•The gays are taking over Denver and Chicago this weekend for two separate conferences. Woohoo! This means many out of town one-night stands at airport Holiday Inns.

“The price of anti-gay gas is expected to soar.” Giggle.