Out There: Anderson Cooper Cries

•Our lady Gwen Stefani closes out Fashion Week in NYC with her L.A.M.B. clothing line. But did you know the line also features funky men’s clothes? Hunky hubby Gavin never has to spend a dime on new threads.

Brtiney Spears had a – oh, who are we kidding? You were text messaged by seventeen friends within three minutes and you know it.

Sound of Music

•Salzburg is planning a museum devoted entirely to the Sound of Music. We hear Austrian native Schwarzenegger is planning to veto the idea.

•Judge John Roberts evaded a question about gay rights during his confirmation hearings. Apparently, he was asked but didn’t tell.

Anderson Cooper is “sensitive,” close to his mom, and as he puts it “(I) just don’t talk about my personal life.” New York Magazine isn’t saying he’s definitely gay, they’re just implying it.

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