Out There: Blog Fight!

Robert Mapplethorpe makes it to Cuba finally. The exhibit of iconic photographer’s work is a symbol of just how far attitudes towards homosexuals have changed. [ABC]

• Rich over at Four Four dissects Throbbing Gristle’s classic and Billie Ray Martin’s cover of “Persuasion.” We love both versions, but definitely choose Billie. And it has nothing to do with that fact that she reads Queerty. [Four Four]


• Is this a joke? Or is this queen serious about his desire to win weblog awards? Oh wait, he advertises with us. He must be serious. [Brat Boy School]

• And now we cannot wait for the biggest bitch in blogging to attack. We smell a blog bitch fight! [Vividblurry]

• Like American Apparel, we are all about sodomy during the holidays. Except not with reindeers. [American Apparel]