Out There: Closeted Fruitcakes

• A lover’s quarrel between two gay men turned deadly yesterday when one of the men stopped his car on Manhattan’s George Washington Bridge and dived headfirst into the Hudson. He died shortly after. Via Jordy.


• After speaking about the Thanksgiving meals of troops in Iraq, which includes pies, ice cream, and fruitcakes CNN anchor Rick Sanchez said “do you know the official military policy on fruitcake? … Don’t ask, don’t tell!” So not funny.

• When speaking about a Christian woman murdered by a gay man Kathy Valente, state director of Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Illinois, said “equally as tragic as Mary’s death is the death sentence imposed on people who are enslaved in this deadly behavior.” Yes this bitch compared homosexuality to murder. Hateful. You can email her if you want.

• Thanksgiving is two days away. Have you made your turkey nametags yet? Martha Stewart has that and other gay, gay, gay holiday ideas to check out.

Popmuse’s boyfriend has a new gay food blog. We love gays. We love food. We love Popmuse. So we REALLY love Blog Hungry. Thanks World of Wonder.