Out There: Cute Boy Or Lesbian Model?

Arjan has a link to Andy Bell’s new video for the first single “Crazy” from his debut solo album. The video is in fact not low budget. It was shot by Al and Al, a British art duo whose work just looks cheap.


America’s Next Top Model debuts tonight. We have our money on 21 year old New York student Kim. She reminds us that the cutest boys in San Francisco are the lesbians.

•A sign that perhaps Madge is in for two flops in a row: she and Guy are booed in London.

•Apple, Best Buy, Nike, Kraft, and Pepsi are among 101 corporations with perfect scores on “gay”-friendliness, according to a new ranking by the HRC.

Kelly Osbourne loves to hang out in gay bars. Of course she does. All drag queens trapped in fag hag bodies do.

What bloggers look like.

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