Out There: Donna Summer Is God’s Messenger

•Dan over at Ex-Gay Watch shows us this wonderful graphic showing ex-gay testimonials from Exodus. Apparently God speaks to people in night clubs and has the power to cure AIDS. Hallelujah!


Wed-Rock, an evening of all-star comedy and music performances to voice opposition to the Arnold’s recent veto of the gay marriage bill, is set for November 7th in Los Angeles. The eclectic line-up includes Andy Bell, Margaret Cho, Nina Hagen, Alan Cumming, John Cameron Mitchell, Kelly Osbourne, Yo La Tengo, and Yoko Ono.

•Get ready. This Sunday churches across the country will discuss the “tough issue” of porn. Oh my! That is a missionary position we are down with. Thanks Brian.

•Singer Chris Cagle reenforces stereotypes about country music fans by releasing a press statement saying that he has found out his new baby was fathered by another man. A guest spot on Maury Povich and a new album dealing with his pain we bet are in the works. Thanks Johnny

•Andy gets a snapshot of the new gay on Real World Key West. Are we the only one who thinks the bartender looks a lot like Mr. Towle?