Out There: Elephants & Transvestites

• We miss World of Wonder’s “Ask a Black Girl” column. But, now that we have “Ask an Asian Girl,” we’re all good. [WOW Report]

lady boys!

• Elephants, transvestites, and ABBA. Finally, a sport we can get into around here! [Gay.com]

• We don’t need this, since you know, we have great asses. But some of you bottoms who want a firmer bottom just might want to snatch up the Bottom Reformulator Cushion. [Gadget Universe]

• Rikers is closing its gay jail. A gay jail? We had no clue they even existed. But it sounds kinda hot. [NY Daily News]

• “Gay lawmaker expects ‘intense’ session.” Intense session? Giggle. We expect that every time we cruise Craigslist. [Southern Voice]