Out There: Gay Elves

• Congratulations to Tray Butler, editor of the New York Blade. He was the first person to guess Vertigo in the Brini Maxwell contest yesterday.


Virgin’s new television commercial features a gay elf. No, it’s not Clay Aiken.

Donald Trump is the new Armani. Seriously. His suits go perfectly with bad haircuts.

Genre is having a clothing sale today to benefit Callen Lorde, NYC’s only primary health care center for homos. From 11-8 at Space Downtown many up-and-coming brands (including our beloved Yoko Devereaux) will be 30%-50% off. Have a drink, buy a jacket, supports AIDS charities. Sounds like our kinda party.

Chris Klein is “an alpha heterosexual.” And an asshole. Thanks Blog Soup.

• The film Straight Acting is out now. All you butch queens should love this. “The film is a documentary about the subculture of gays who play contact sports – rugby, ice hockey and rodeo.”

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