Out There: Gay Teens Gone Wild

Teen Gays

Time Magazine puts gay teenagers on its cover today. They are coming out earlier, having sex earlier, and getting their first Prada bag earlier than you did. They are also hooking up at ex-gay conferences. Hot.

•Focus on the Family participated in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this past weekend. Because it makes total sense to have religious whackos help decorate rather than the gays.

•No longer with a major label, our favorite redhead singer Casey Stratton has released clips from his new album online. Thanks Arjan.

•On the 10th anniversary of his wife’s murder OJ Simpson signed autographs at a horror convention, never making the connection as to why he was invited.

• “Remember Monroe from television’s Too Close For Comfort?” Of course we don’t, we are too young. For those who do remember, actor Jim J. Bullock returns in another perfect role: Queer Duck.