Out There: God Is A Fag


• There is a God. And he is a fag. Need proof? Janice Dickinson has been given her own show. All of our prayers have been answered. [Yahoo News]

Andy Towle won the Gridskipper award for best gay blog and rightfully so. We’re just delighted we weren’t last place. Woo Hoo! [Gridskipper]

The Malcontent has compiled a list of bloggers and their New Year’s resolutions. Bradford and David are in the group. [The Malcontent]

• A warning to out LA readership: The LAPD is cracking down on gay cruising in West Hollywood. So next time you’re thinking of blowing that guy in a parking lot, ask if he’s a cop first. [LA Independent]

Michael Stabile, friend of Queerty, wishes “more people involved in porn were clever.” He obviously has not seen Cirque Noir! [Village Voice]