Out There: Have A Very Bunny Xmas

HX has a shopping guide for the “12 Gays of Christmas.” Squeeze your friends into one of these stereotypes and all your holiday shopping is done.


• Or you can get everyone on your list the new Lady Bunny DVD. Rated X for Xtra-retarded. View the trailer here.

Ang Lee tells Gay.com that Brokeback Mountain “is a gay love story.” Now if only someone would tell Jakey.

George Michael is planning on getting married in England, but not the “whole veil and gown thing.” He’ll leave that to Elton.

• The Log Cabin Republicans want an investigation of a drag show at the University of Missouri because it “made fun of heterosexuals and featured simulated sex acts.” And some of you wonder why we make fun of those Log Cabin sissies.

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