Out There: Hello Dolly

• Ever wonder where in the world is the best Country & Western gay bar? The best place to travel alone? Or which city throws a killer Pride? Gay.com has compiled a list of the top gay and lesbian travel destinations from 2005. [Gay.com]

• Does your belt need to match your shoes? No. We agree with Johnny Suede. Mix it up. Just never mix black and brown. [Out.com]

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has been Golden Globe nominated for a song she wrote for the film Transamerica. This is a cute mini-interview she did for Genre recently. [Genre Magazine]

• The Gays have long appreciated the moustache. This film looks hilarious. We missed the premiere last night, but are dying to see it nonetheless. [The Glorius Moustache Challenge]

• This is so not safe for work. And this is so not right. I mean, really, really, really just not right. Like we said. Not safe for work. And not right. [Gay Porn Blog]