Out There: High Not Gay

High Life

• The musical The Gay Life has been renamed The High Life and is being revived in NYC. The word “gay” apparently means something entirely different now then it did when the play originally appeared in 1961. Loving show tunes however means the same thing: you are a big, nelly, homo.

London’s founder of the gay alternative scene has died. Simon Hobart was responsible for Popstarz, Ghetto, and Trash Palace.

• The HRC’s “Tom, the Token Gay Friend” ads are very gay. And as Rob Thurman points outs “gay (as in jolly, handsome and attractive) rather than gay (as in judgmental, humorlessly and sour).”

• The NO/AIDS Walk was cancelled due to Hurricane Katrina this year. The NO/AIDS Task Force is now doing a Virtual Walk, with all the fun of fundraising without the sweat and blisters. Help them out if you can.

• Gay characters are emerging on film as cops, athletes, and cowboys. And no, it’s not a film about the Village People.