Out There: John Waters On TV

john waters

• The king of Baltimore John Waters is set to host Til’ Death Do Us Part, a new television series reenacting husband/wife murder cases. [Queer Day]

Genre Magazine has opened voting for its Man of the Year contest. Vote now. And even though the guy named de León is a Dj and wears those tacky LA armbands halfway up his arm, we still find him incredibly sexy. [Genre Magazine]

• It looks like Tim Gunn takes style direction from another fashionable lady, the incomparable Kia. You should be reading her blog, FYI. [Exceptional Mediocrity]

Colin Farrell has beef with Jossip, which means he has beef with us, which means he has beef with The Gays. So you better watch it, Mister. [Jossip]

• A petition to get Brokeback Mountain to Utah and a smart essay on the “resurgence in the craft of American filmmaking.” [Huffington Post]