Out There: Kylie’s Back

• We are all about Just Jared today. We already showed you Matthew McConaughey, but look at these pictures of Daniel Cudmore, the actor who plays an even bigger role as Colossus in the next X-Men movie.


She’s back! Not letting cancer get in the way of her glitter and feathers, Kylie Minogue has recorded a version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” for release this Christmas and has rescheduled her cancelled tour dates at the end of 2006. We cannot wait for her return.

The New York Times visited San Francisco’s Mission district, one of our favorite places in all the world. Think the East Village with great burritos just a short walk from all the gay bars.

• You’d think it was the late 1990s, seeing that we can’t get enough Ricky Martin lately. His looks, Mary, not his music.

Britney Spears on Broadway? The end of the world is obviously near, ladies.