Out There: Life Posters

• We got an email from the guy who manufactures the “Homophobia Is So Gay!” shirts. The best place to order those shirts are from his site directly. So go check them out. [Boy Drama]

life poster

• Andy Towle made a life poster for our mutual friend Matty not too long ago and we’ve wanted one since. Now that we realize it takes only 30 minutes and $29 to produce we’re thrilled. This is the new must-make gay gift. [The Mike Matas Blog]

• In his mini-review of The Producers, David Ansen of Newsweek refers to the film’s “fag jokes.” Which is totally fine to say if he himself is a fag. [MSNBC]

• When Googling someone yields no results try typing their name into the Megan’s Law database and you’ll find out more information than you bargained for. Yes, it’s the new Google. Thanks Johnny. [Megan’s Law]

• Finally a way to get rid of that nasty back hair without the pain of waxing or the humiliation of asking your boyfriend for some help. Thanks to Razorba you can do it all on your own. [Gizmodo]