Out There: Martha Just Doesn’t Fit In


• First Arrested Development. Now no more Martha! We are mourning our favorite shows today.

• Claims are being made out of Britain that a man who once tested positive for HIV is now negative. He refuses to further testing.

• An interview in the new Next states that as many as “40 to 45 percent of gay men in lower Manhattan under 40 are HIV-positive.” Holy shit. Via BitchLess Blog.

Sprite sent us a quick note about our Morning Goods today. “Boys, I’m sure I’m like the millionth fag to alert you, but you’re Morning Goods boy Clinton Huff is one of the “straight boys” on AmateurStraightGuys.com. I know my porn and trust me, I’ve seen him in like 5 videos there. He’s Trevor over there.” Time to sign up for a membership!

• Straight women feel the same way as us about Madge. And for pretty much the same reasons.