Out There: Remember ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’?

gay army shorts

• The Log Cabin Republicans are spearheading efforts to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which, if successful, would make it that much easier for you and me to get a free one-way ticket to Baghdad! [NY Times]

• A convicted pedophile serving time for kidnapping and thirteen child assaults gets “special treatment” at the Broadmoor Prison Hospital in Berkshire, England. What’s the treat? Gay porn. We want to know if it’s twinks only. [Pink News]

• What if curing HIV was as simple as clicking our heels together and having Glinda the Good Witch tell us that we had the power all along? That may seem glib, but new research at Ohio State University suggests that certain cells in our bodies, if protected from the debilitating effects of the HIV virus, can actually help to fight the virus and limit its spread. [365 Gay]

• Being Christian and gay can be a troublesome combination, unless you’re a Dolly Parton sort of Christian and a Gene Robinson sort of gay. Well what if you were also from Kenya, where sodomy is illegal, and on top of that, you had decided to lead a celibate life because of your faith? Yikes. For real, it’s the true story of a Christian,gay, celibate 32-year-old Kenyan man, and he’s pretty chipper about it all. [BBC]

• If this makes you feel better, hatemongering is not only unique to the American political process, but is happening Down Under as well. [ABC Australia]