Out There: Siegfried and Roy Return

• Our favorite T-shirt company Threadless has designed a $10 shirt to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. The small company has pledged to donate $20 for every shirt purchased up to 50K.

Siegfried and Roy are returning to the stage. Well, not quite. The London play Ducktastic! is “inspired by the Las Vegas illusionists Siegfried and Roy, only on a more modest scale, using ducks instead of Siberian tigers.”

• Leave it to the pervs over at XY Magazine to start a 16 and over club night. The party goes until 2am. Isn’t that past most curfews?

• Popmuse outs Arnold Schwarzenegger as a onetime gay hustler and manages to throw in two clips of old school Madonna and Janet Jackson. Atta girl!

• New Q Television Network anchor Josh Fountain states “I want to be the gay Dan Rather, except better-looking” and in doing so loses all credibility.