Out There: Star Jones Houses Thousands

Star Jones

Star Jones Reynolds is donating the Barney inspired dress off her back to victims of Hurricane Katrina. That is enough velvet to make a tent the size of the Superdome.

Gawker has found us a new apartment. 10 gay men. Two bathrooms. Um, no.

Jerry Springer – the Opera, which has a homosexual Jesus Christ as a character, will go on with a 21 city UK tour. Someone bring it to the US please.

•The ex-gay movement is continuing to pick up momentum. This time in the penguin community.

Canada Hearts Queerty.

LeToya Luckett was our favorite Destiny’s Child singer back in the day. You know, before Beyonce got all threatened and had her dad send out pink slips. Well, LeToya is finally releasing an album. And it is actually on a major label!