Out There: The Wizard Of Oil

wicked condi

• Tampons frighten the gay men we know. But women and men, Jew or not should get a kick out of this. Time to make the Tampon Menorah. Via Gawker. [Tampon Crafts]

• The Gays love the Wizard of Oz. They hate the Wizard of Oil. This is a funny read. [Dudehisattva]

• Gay.com selects Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as its Person of the Year. Time to book a flight to Madrid to celebrate. [Gay.com]

• There is a transit strike in NYC. But it’s not affecting the Queerty staff. We sit chained at our computer all day delivering the gay news for you, the readers. We don’t get out anyway. [Reuters]

• A bunch of pretty boy gays showed up at a pretty boy bar in pretty boy Los Angeles to fete a book about naked pretty boys. We still don’t get why it was on Gridskipper though. [Gridskipper]