Out There: Too Much Gay Comedy

•Finally. Kate Bush releases her new single on iTunes. It only took, what, ten years.

Holly Woodlawn

•The incomparable Holly Woodlawn, Warhol muse and pioneering trannie, is playing one night only in NYC next Tuesday. Expect a who’s who of the downtown scene to be in attendance.

•Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Ft. Lauderdale, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are in for a treat! Kiki and Herb are reunited and touring the US. Dare we say Justin Bond is the best drag performer alive? Thanks Aaron.

•Any friend of Matty is a friend of ours. That is why we are totally going to see the self-proclaimed “gay comic hottie” Adam Sank. He is performing this Saturday and Sunday in NYC. Wonder if he is better than our fave fag comic, Jimmy Fallon. Oh wait. He’s straight.

F.A.G in a bag? It is grooming products. Not cocaine.