Outed NJ Governor Jim McGreevey Seeks Redemption In HBO’s “Fall To Grace”

If the scandal arc for former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey had been written as a TV movie, no one would’ve believed it: A handsome politician and family man comes out as gay after allegations of a relationship with an Israeli “expert”  he hired to handle homeland security for the state. As his wife slaughters him in a tell-all, the fallen pol enters the seminary to become an Episcopal priest.

On Thursday, HBO is airing Fall to Grace, a fairly sympathetic examination of the McGreevey scandal and his life after it by filmmaker, Alexandra Pelosi, director of The Trials of Ted Haggard and daughter of Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

We haven’t watched the whole documentary yet, but watching the trailer above, we’re left asking: If McGreevey believes he had his moment of hubris and is now selflessly helping women in prison, why does he need a camera crew to follow him around? Good deeds are supposed to be their own reward, no?

Fall to Grace airs March 28 at 8pm on HBO