Asks General Prosecutor To Look Into Making Up Charges

“Outed” Russian Pol. Takes On Gay Activist

Alexander Chuev makes you look butch. The Russian politico has asked the General Prosecutor to “investigate” Nicolas Alexeyev, the gay activist who recently outed Chuev.

Deeply offended by Alexeyev’s actions, Chuev claims calling someone “gay” on television constitutes a crime. Which crime, however, remains to be seen. He wrote on his blog, “Let the investigators now to find out which crime there is in his actions”.

Gotta love that Russian sense of justice.

Upon hearing of Chuev’s paranoid declarations, Alexeyev compared the Duma politico to another “alleged” homosexual, Oscar Wilde:

Mr. Chuev probably knows very well similar famous legal cases in world history. Usually the one who initiates such cases, looses them.

Chuev is still far from the popularity of Oscar Wilde, but the proceedings which the great writer initiated against Marquis of Queensbury under pressure from some people in his close circle finally brought his career and life to a collapse.

Chuev also alleges Alexeyev’s working as a political operative,

The aim is to take me out of elections. [The] guys from LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party) will not succeed. They did not take into account that I know such methods and will not react.

Maybe something got lost in translation, because we’re pretty sure tying up the government’s legal system and writing a whiny letter to defend your sexuality constitute as a reaction.

Too bad Chuev such a dumb schmuck, because he’s kind of cute.