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OUTFest: Baby Mamas (Tori Spelling), NewleyDudes (Neil Patrick Harris) & Realness (Ru Paul)

The stars were out last night at the opening night of OUTFest in LA. RuPaul, serving some presentational realness, awarded WOW (World of Wonder) Producers, Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, Lifetime Achievement Awards. Elementary school crash survivor, and TV Baby Mama, Tori Spelling showed up in a Mumu.

The bois – and a couple girls – worked the bow-tie look (as in, “OUTFest: Where the Bow-Ties Are”), while newly married I-Only-Played-A-Doctor, Neil Patrick Harris walked the red carpet, competing (in our minds) with James St. James who looked like he’d “borrowed” one of Pat Loud’s tourquoise necklaces. And what would a film festival be without a dance performance by the white bois of Palos Verdes? Several fierce ruling divas nodded – in approval or dismay, who knew. Everyone got drunk afterwards in the parking lot behind the Orpheum Theater (blocks away from the largest homeless population in America!) Forget your parking claim ticket? Boo-hoo, did you bring $1.50 for the bus?

OUTFest, Featuring Baby Mama's, & DILF
OUTFest, Fierce Ruling Diva Works Stage with 10 BackUp Singers

OUTFest, Dancing White Bois Brought to you by Sure Antiperspirant


OUTFest, Where The Bois in Bowties Are

OUTFest, Little Miss Polkadot Works the Hair Bow

OUTFEST, Where the Boys in Bowties Are!


OUTFest, Eating Out, in rare clothed photo

OUTFest's Fierce Ruling Asian Couple



OUTFest, Mr. Rainbow meet Mr. Stripe


OUTFest, White Bois Can Dance!

OUTFest, "NO, really, that's not a rhinestone rhino's ass on my shirt"

OUTFest, The Camera Ready Couple, Both of Us Wear Belts in this Family


OUTFest, RuPaul, Working Presentational Realness

OUTFest Femme, & Her Rainbow Butch

OUTFest GAP Model with Hair You'll Never Have

OUTFest, or, Husband Hunting at the Film Festival

OUTFest, Fierce Rulling Diva in Fierce Ruling Red Pantsuit

OUTFest, Someone's been hitting the bottle!

OUTFest, James St. James in Pat Loud Drag






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  • San

    I don’t think jewelry and a little bit of makeup = drag.

    Also, how is that woman butch just because she’s wearing pants and a vest?

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    I will be going tonight!

  • jose

    I prefer the pictures being like this to the slideshow format where i have to wait for an entire page to reload :D



  • Steve

    I only recognize Judy Reyes and Wilmer Valderrama. The rest of these people…

  • Alexa

    Awww Travis Wall – my boycrush – looks adorable in a bowtie.

  • meego

    What the hell is Wilmer Valderrama doing there? Is he hoping to score some chicks? This is C list at best. At best.

  • Sidney

    Who is the blonde in the grey?

  • drewbrown

    Do you also not know who half these people are, hence not naming them?

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