Out‘s Aaron Hicklin: You’re a Moron If You Have a Problem With Bruno

Since no journalists will get Sacha Baron Cohen on the line to discuss Bruno‘s alleged homophobia, we must let the talking head troops do it. Which is exactly what Mr. Baron Cohen wants: free publicity! And just like we told you before, when it comes to folks having an opinion on the film, there’s a golden rule: Gay rights organizations hate it, while gay media loves it!

Case in point: This CNN spot with GLAAD’s Rashad Robinson and Out editor Aaron Hicklin, which basically goes like this:

GLAAD’s Robinson: “They just missed the mark in many places, and in overreaching really enforced stereotypes. … Having a movie that portrays our community in such problematic ways isn’t really a welcome thing.”

Out‘s Hicklin: “You’d really have to be quite dense and idiotic to think this is was in any way an accurate reflection of the way gay men live their lives.” Evidently, you may apply that same logic to the cover of Out magazine.